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Magdalena Kelaridis
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BS Psychology

Specialized in Prenatal and Early Childhood Psychology

How I can help you!

I coach people using the Logos Emotions method, which I developed myself.
Furthermore, knowing their own feelings, needs, and emotions and being able to communicate them helps to stay mentally healthy.

In fact, the sooner we begin to be aware of ourselves and our needs, feelings, emotions and learn how to communicate them appropriately to others, the easier our daily life will be.

Generally, I coach and teach everything related to the needs and emotions of people (without a mental diagnosis).

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are there people with whom the coaching cannot be carried out?

I don’t work with people on their mental health diagnosis and I don’t make diagnoses. I work almost exclusively via Zoom, so a PC/tablet/laptop and a good internet connection are required! Furthermore, I do not work with people whose mother tongue is not either German, English or Greek, since communication with me is an important part of the consultation or coaching.

Does confidentiality apply?

Yes, I am sworn to secrecy.

Does health insurance pay for coaching or are there tax breaks?

In principle, all costs have to be borne by yourself, but I am currently working on the fact that there may be support. OR. If you take advantage of business coaching, you can deduct it from your taxes. But I can evaluate this individually in a conversation.

What approach/method do you use?

I work with the Logos Emotions method, which I developed myself. For instance, logos comes from the Greek and means language designed for understanding. Emotions are our emotions and the needs behind them.
However, our conflict with others is usually based on the fact that our needs do not match the actions of the other person. In this way, my clients and course participants learn to master this challenge. As a result, their lives become less conflict-free and they are happier.

There is a clear demarcation from similar areas such as (psycho) therapy, supervision, life and social counseling and mediation. A coaching process is a self-contained process. I am a supervisor and also a mediator as well as a qualified life and social counselor and attachment analyst i.A.u.S. In the first conversation, the service is clearly defined.

How do you work? Can you tell me/us what to do?

No! I accompany my clients. Reveal blind spots, uncover needs, find the reason behind the pain point, and help change it. I show methods and doors/ways, but how it is implemented and how successful the clients are is up to each individual. Also, I am very good at analyzing and recognizing connections. -> What is the real need behind behavior xy zb. I have a really great knowledge in my field and also a lot of practical experience from my work and my life.

How do I know if we're a good match?

You can get to know me in different ways. Either on my Instagram profile (link) or join my Facebook page (link), in my blog you can also find out something about my interests, concerns and values. Moreover, you can contact me and we just chat for 15 minutes (Book here BUTTON)


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